Our ballet program focuses on the mastery of dance fundamentals, individual expression and performance quality. Comprehensive classes provide the serious ballet student with a traditional approach to classical ballet through the exploration of choreography and performance technique.

Tap and Jazz

At Tiny Dancers, we build on the basics taught in Tiny Tappers and Tiny Hip-hop and continue to focus on refining technique and building skill levels in these dance forms. Less regimented than ballet, our tap and jazz program is great for both boys and girls to let their hair down and develop contemporary dance skills while engaging in vigorous exercise. Cognitive sequencing and coordination are enhanced through exciting dance routines that are fun, challenging and allow for creative self-expression.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater is the perfect combination of singing, dancing and acting for your Broadway bound star. Performers will study and perform songs and scenes from classic Rodgers and Hammerstein to the hit 'Hairspray', and everything in between! Every class includes vocal and dance warm-ups in addition to acting exercises and even stage directions! Students will explore different acting techniques and characterization methods while learning about the history of this uniquely American form of entertainment, and their confidence will soar when they get the chance to shine in front of their classmates and at home.

tap dance
musical theater