“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak"                                          


Do one thing and do it well.

While most studios accept all ages up to adult, we teach only young children. We take into account both the physical and emotional aspects of each child's development and, with our limited class size, provide all of our students with personalized instruction in a fun, nurturing environment. The curriculum is designed to emphasize technical excellence while promoting agility, grace and coordination.

Our instructors are chosen for their dance skills as well as their ability and enthusiasm for working with young children. In addition to the years of dance experience instructors must have to join Tiny Dancers, each is then thoroughly trained in the Tiny Dancers methodology so that our students receive the best that we can offer.

Through our specially designed program and exceptional staff, young dancers gain self-confidence, poise and a lifelong love of the art regardless of where their dance education takes them. In addition to the three main studios (Fairfax, Alexandria and Mosaic) Tiny Dancers is available at select community centers, pre-schools and private academies in the Northern Virginia area.

Started in 2001 by studio owner Donna Rathe, Tiny Dancers has grown from 30 students in a sublet Tae Kwon Do studio to over 1000 young dancers today.   Even as we have grown, we remain a family-owned studio committed to our core values and the idea that the joy of dance lies in the creative expression and non-competitive experience that is the essence of the art.

We are honored to be recognized by Fairfax County for our contribution to the Arts and to have received the following awards: