I hear it at least once a day in class, “Miss Karly, I'm tired.” That goes double at our 3 hr long summer camps. I get it -- kids have very full days. Between school, after school activities, and the bustle of daily life they have every right to be exhausted. This is where food comes to the rescue! It provides the fuel your dancer needs to not only make it through the day but to thrive in their activities. Ballerinas have their own specific fuel needs, mostly in the muscle strengthening and energy department. Here are a few ideas that would be perfect to pack in your child's snack for a successful week of summer camp at Tiny Dancers.

Sandwich: The Energizer Tummy Tortilla Wrap

The turkey and cheese provide protein while the avocado is a good source of healthy fats (which allow for the transportation of vitamins through out the body). Even the carbohydrates from the tortilla are doing their duty providing a burst of energy to keep your child dancing all camp long. Just roll up all the ingredients below into a whole wheat tortilla!


Turkey Slices
Avacado Slices
Swiss Cheese (or whatever your child prefers)

Dessert: Monkey Pie

If your child has a sweet tooth or prefers softer food this is the snack for them! Bananas are a great source of fiber and help keep bones healthy. Greek yogurt is full of phosphorous which creates energy and helps distribute oxygen to muscles in the body. Cut banana into medallions and add to yogurt (for extra sweetness, add a touch of honey).


1 banana
1 cup of greek yogurt (any flavor)
tsp honey (optional)

Snack: Nuts*, Cheese Stick, Berries

All of these healthy options are tasty, easy for kids to eat, and most importantly give that boost of extended energy instead of a quick burst and inevitable crash (that usually occurs around pick up time, and no one has time for that).

Of course all of these options can be substituted based on dietary restrictions and preference. As long as the great energy provider: protein is the star of snack time your dancer will have the fuel they need to get the most out of their summer camp!

*Due to allergy concerns we ask that all snacks are peanut free! Thank you