Best Books for Young Dancers

Ages 1-4

Miss Karly says: 'Flora and the Flamingo' by Molly Idle is a great book to read to your future ballerina-in-training. It is a wordless flip-style picture book that follows a girl and her flamingo as they dance their way around the page. Since there aren't any words, you can make up a different story every time or simply put on music and let the pictures dance.

Ages 4-8

Miss Krissie says: 'Belinda the Ballerina' by Amy Young is one of my favorite story books about ballet. Belinda is a beautiful dancer, but she has two big problems... her left foot and her right foot. Her feet are so large that when she tries to audition for the Metropolitan Ballet, the judges make fun of her giant feet and won't even watch her dance! Belinda gives up dancing and gets a job as a waitress. She is an excellent waitress but she misses dancing terribly. One night a band comes to the restaurant and Belinda just can't keep from dancing. She twirls and soars through the restaurant. Everyone is so enchanted by her dancing that they tell the maestro of the Metropolitan Ballet! The Maestro is so charmed by her dancing, Belinda lands back on stage where she belongs. This story is for anyone (everyone) who thinks their body is less than perfect and finds themselves questioning their dream because of it. Belinda’s passion shines through in the mood-evoking illustrations and I love the message of pursuing your dreams, no matter what! You will be delighted with 'Belinda the Ballerina' and even more delighted to find 3 more books in the series.

Miss Donna says: I love a little book called 'I Wear My Tutu Everywhere!" by Wendy Cheyette Lewinson. The main character, Tilly, wears her new tutu everywhere she goes--even to the pool! But one day her tutu rips and she has to get through the day without it. She discovers how much easier it is to ride her bike, go to a birthday party and even go to bed in the proper clothes. And you know what? She can still be a ballerina and wear her tutu--to ballet class.

Miss Josie says: 'The Silver Slippers' by Elizabeth Koda-Callen tells the story of a clumsy ballerina who can't get her balance in dance class until her mother gifts her with a necklace: a pair of tiny silver ballet slippers dangling from a silver chain that helps give her confidence. The best part of the book is it comes with the necklace for your ballerina to wear!

Ages 8-14

Miss Olivia says: One recommendation I have is actually a graphic novel, "To Dance: A Ballerina's Graphic Novel" by Siena Cherson Siegel. This autobiography follows the life of a ballerina on her journey from classroom to stage. It depicts her passion and love of dance with bright and colorful illustrations.


Miss Jenna says: I like 'Max' by Rachel Isadora. It is about a boy who plays baseball, and he finds himself enjoying a ballet class with his sister one day after dropping her off. It's a really cute story and I like that it has a boy doing (and loving) ballet. With so many books about ballerinas, this is a great story that our boy dancers can relate to.