At Tiny Dancers, of course we love ballet. We believe it builds a strong foundation for a any dancer (not to mention soccer and football players) but we also love other styles of dance! Once children turn 4 they are eligible for our Tiny Tap, Tiny Hip Hop, and finally Tiny Broadway classes. A lot of people know tap and hip hop but what exactly happens during a Broadway class? Read on to find out!


Warm Ups

Just like a Tiny Dancer's ballet class, Tiny Broadway students will dance along to age appropriate songs that inspire movement. Unlike our other styles of dance, we also sing along to warm up our vocal chords.


Tiny Broadway is divided into three sections, the first section is dance! Students will learn Broadway style jazz moves such as jazz squares, grapevine, and drag step. They will learn different ways to travel across the floor and age appropriate jazz technique in the center.


Next we sing! We will begin by warming up our vocal chords with silly exercises. Students will learn a song or two from a different Broadway Musical every month. Occasionally students will sing solos for each other to practice getting up in front of an audience and to learn how to be respectful to people performing.


The final, and possibly most fun, section is acting. Students will play various acting games, act out short scenes from well known musicals and children books, and learn how to use props and costumes to tell a story. They will also learn proper theater terminology such as stage directions.

As you can see this is a lot to do in 45 min! The fast paced, always changing atmosphere is great for kids who might find ballet too slow, or who simply need to sing out loud every now and then!

I hope you have found this spotlight helpful! Please contact your studio manager if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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