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At Tiny Dancers, we LOVE playing dress up, so naturally Halloween Week is a week we look forward to! Costumes are strongly encouraged, but never required, so if your child doesn't want to participate that's O.K. Have more questions? Need some tips? This blog is here to help!

Is there any kind of costume my dancer shouldn't wear?

Yes, any sort of costume that limits movement (for example: mermaid tails) should not be worn. I like to recommend the 'leap test' where you try various leaps and jumps in the costume before coming to class.

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Does my dancer still need to wear the appropriate dance shoe for their class?

Yes, appropriate footwear is important for a dancer to have no matter the occasion. Your dancer should always be wearing his or her dance shoes to class. Please save any costume footwear for trick-or-treating.

My child's Halloween class is tomorrow and we don't have a costume. What should I do?

Turning your child's normal dance outfit into a costume fit for Halloween Week can be as simple as adding cat ears, a royal crown, a super hero cape or butterfly wings. You can run over to a nearby Dollar Tree for sparkly wings fit for a fairy princess or, if you're feeling crafty, you can try to DIY with one of these tutorials.

T-Shirt Super Hero Cape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEPQPGr2tQQ

Garbage Bag Butterfly Wings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXMXR_32eiQ

Oh no! TODAY is my child's Halloween class and I totally forgot. What should I do?

Never fear! Tiny Dancers has you covered; just tell your teacher and they can grab one of the many costumes or accessories we have for just this situation. If your child is adamant that they get to wear their own costume, it is O.K. for them to wear it the following week.

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Should I bring treats to class?

We will have plenty of tricks and treats of our own to share that week but if you do bring something, please make sure to bring enough for every child and avoid peanut products. On November 1st we will be collecting any leftover Halloween candy and donating it to service members and their families. Please be on the lookout for donation boxes at your studio the first few weeks in November.

That about does it! If you think of something we haven't covered, please call your studio manager. We look forward to a week full of Halloween dress-up fun!