It's summer camp season at Tiny Dancers! We hope this survival guide for dancers new to our summer camp program—and veteran campers—will provide some tips to make camp a breeze. You may look at this post and think, is my child going to summer camp or training for a marathon? The answer is YES! Our camps are 3 hours long and full of dancing, crafting, snacking, reading, and dress-up. That is quite a lot for children who are not school-age yet. The tips below will help your dancer get the most out of our camp and possibly their nap later that afternoon!

First things first... a good night's rest. This is easier said than done, I know. Try to make it easy on yourself by not scheduling a camp the morning after your 16-hour flight back from your family vacation.

Next thing: Fueling up for the day with a hearty breakfast. Try to avoid things that are overly sugary, and instead go for protein-rich foods that will keep them going until snack time. You can check out my blog post on snacks for kids-on-the-go in Karly's Corner.

For camp: Pack a filling and fueling snack. Once that breakfast wears off, the teachers notice a significant difference in campers' ability to listen and stay focused. Eating a well-rounded snack helps bring that attention back.

Arrival: All you need is 10-15 minutes before camp starts to have time to settle in and meet the teachers. Getting settled is an important step for children who feel anxiety when their parents aren't in the room. It helps tremendously in making them feel comfortable and safe.


Proper Dance Shoes

Ballet Camp= Ballet Shoes

Hip Hop Camp= Sneakers

Tap Camp= Tap Shoes

Musical Theater/Tiny Broadway Camp= Jazz Shoes

Try it Out Camp= All the shoes!

*Everything but sneakers are available to borrow.



Change of clothes for campers who just finished potty training.

Shoes to wear to and from the studio; dance shoes should never be worn outside.

Proper Dance Attire

Ballet= Leotard and tights (tutu or skirt optional)

Hip Hop/Tap= Comfortable stretchy clothes you would wear to the gym or yoga

Tiny Broadway/Musical Theater= Black jazz pants or leggings and a leotard

Finally, please be here promptly when your child's camp ends to take pictures of them in their costumes. Showing you their costumes and dance moves can be the highlight of their day!

Well, that's about all the tips I have this summer! Stay cool and keep on dancin'!