Be a Friend, Bring a Friend Dos and Don'ts

Kids Ballet.jpg

Baffled by BAF BAF month at Tiny Dancers? Never fear, your handy guide to Be a Friend, Bring a Friend month is here! What is BAF BAF month, you ask? For the entire month of October you are welcome to invite a special friend to join you in dance class for free. It's a pretty simple process, but we have some dos and don'ts, so please check out the list below while you decide on a friend to invite!

Do- Call in advance to let the studio know you will be bringing a friend.

Don't- Bring a friend to a class that is full (a full class has 10 children in it for ages 3 and up, and 7 children for Wiggletoes classes). If you do not know if your class is full, please ask your teacher, look on our website or app, or call/email the studio.

Do- Have your BAF BAF invitation form filled out with your friend's information so the teacher knows their name to welcome him or her to the studio!

Don't- Bring a friend that is too young for the class. We stress the importance of appropriate lesson plans for each age level, and we wouldn't want a child becoming overwhelmed because a class is too difficult or they have not reached the level of social maturity to feel comfortable.

Do- Invite family or friends from school even if they don't have the proper dance shoes! We have plenty of shoes to borrow and stretchy clothes that allow for movement can be worn in place of a leotard and tights.

And finally.... don't worry about gender—boys and girls are all welcome at our studio. Dance is for everybody, and everyone who wants to learn is welcome here!

I hope this cleared up any questions you might have about this exciting month-long event. If you think of anything else, please feel free to reach out to your studio manager. We can't wait to meet some new friends!