Tiny Dancers® -- Children's dance studios located in Fairfax, Mosaic and Alexandria Virginia offering ballet, tap hip hop, jazz and musical theater.

'Best Place to Dance' 2018  --  Northern Virginia Magazine


'Best Ballet or Dance Studio', 'Best Day Camp' and 'Best Kid's Birthday Party Venue' 2018  --  Washington Family Magazine

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Tiny Dancers is more than just a ballet school, it's a specialized dance program for children ages 2-12. Our family-owned studios, located in Alexandria, Mosaic and Fairfax Virginia, feature a literacy-based ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and musical theater program that provides young dancers with an outstanding technical foundation in a fun and nurturing environment. Beginning with our exclusive Wiggletoes classes for ages 2-3 and continuing throughout the program, students are encouraged to learn through creative self-expression, exploration of movement and age-appropriate choreography.

While our core emphasis is on classical ballet, tap, hip hop and jazz technique, the Tiny Dancers curriculum uses choreographed stories and fairy tales -- along with hundreds of custom-made costumes and props -- as a teaching vehicle for dancers 2-5.  Each week, the lesson plan is reinforced and brought to life as the students dance the adventures of Rapunzel, re-enact Sleeping Beauty or become the prince or princess in Cinderella.

As our students master the fundamentals and mature as dancers, they graduate from fairy tales to a more intensive focus on technique, style, interpretation and choreography. At each step, we remain committed to providing the best dance education available by emphasizing positive self-esteem, technical excellence and a love of the art of dance.