Ages 3-5 -- Tiny Dancers

Tiny Dancers™ classes are designed for girls and boys, ages 3-5 as an introduction to ballet. This curriculum incorporates classical ballet technique and includes our exquisite, custom-made costumes and creative story-dance interpretations.

The classes start with a ballet warm up to strengthen and stretch the muscles. We use French terminology for the steps and positions, but each one is explained at an age-appropriate level, often incorporating animal imagery and familiar movements. For example, in ballet, the French term chassé means 'to chase'. We use the terminology, but then explain that it's very much like a gallop that many children are already familiar with. The students can become horses or unicorns as they chassé around the studio. We then incorporate the new step into our story interpretations with choreography developed to emphasize newly learned material and reinforce previously learned lessons.

Ages 4-6-- Tiny Tappers and Tiny Hip Hop

Tiny Tappers and Tiny Hip-Hop (jazz) classes are choreographed for children ages 4-6. Basic techniques of each discipline are introduced and refined as the students learn coordination and body awareness. For those dancers taking tap or jazz in addition to ballet, the programs serve to complement each other and reinforce skills learned in each class. Costumes and props are used as appropriate.

Ages 4-6 -- Tiny Broadway

Tiny Broadway™ is a great way to introduce performers ages 4-5 to the excitement of musical theater! Students will love bringing all the fun of singing, dancing and acting together in one class. Each month will focus on a different musical, ranging from the classic 'Sound of Music' to more contemporary hits like 'Seussical' and 'Hairspray'! Each class will include vocal warm ups and acting exercises in addition to teaching basic musical theater choreography. Tiny Broadway also introduces accents, stage direction and improvisation in a fun and age appropriate way. Props and costume pieces will enhance the experience as the future stars bring the musical to life!

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