Dancers show respect for themselves by:

  1. Being on time for class

  2. Being dressed properly for class, without jewelry and with shoe strings tucked in or knotted and cut

  3. Having hair secured away from their faces and long hair in a ponytail or a bun


Dancers show respect for others by:

  1. Keeping their hands to themselves during class

  2. Waiting quietly for others to have a turn

  3. Talking only during share time


Dancers show respect for their teacher and the art form they are learning by:

  1. Being properly dressed and ready for class on time

  2. Being good listeners

  3. Sitting with straight backs, not lying on the floor

  4. Paying attention and being prepared for their turn

  5. Always asking before leaving the studio for any reason


Dancers show respect for the studio by:

  1. Leaving gum, food and any drink except water outside

  2. Never hanging on the barres

  3. Never running or doing gymnastics in the studio or the lobby

  4. Putting trash in the trash basket

  5. Putting away books and toys when they are finished with them


Parents show respect for the art form, dance class, teacher and studio by:

  1. Having the students ready for class before entering the studio

  2. Not interrupting the class and keeping the door to the studio closed

  3. Picking students up promptly after class

  4. Informing the teacher of any special needs their child may have

  5. Keeping siblings quiet in the lobby

  6. Asking permission before taking video or group photos

  7. Abiding by our make-up class policy