While we hope that your child will be able to attend all of her/his regularly scheduled classes, we understand that there are occasions when that may not be possible. Because we've reserved a space for your child in a regularly scheduled class, if (s)he cannot attend, that space goes unused. As a result, we cannot offer refunds for missed classes, regardless of the circumstances. However, we do offer make-up classes if your child is absent due to illness.

Our limited class size means that we can only offer make-up classes by appointment, on a space available basis and only for classes actually missed. There is a limit of four make-ups for students in the full-year program, two in each of the Wiggletoes sessions and one for summer class sessions. Camps have no make-ups available due to the limited time-frame during which they occur. All make-ups must be scheduled in the same session as the missed class and may not be carried forward to another session. Please note that out of consideration for the other students who may need to schedule make-ups, we require 24 hours notice if you have to cancel a make-up class that you have already scheduled. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged with that make-up. If absences are a continuing problem due to time constraints, we suggest switching to a class that better meets your schedule. Please do not use the make-up policy as a defacto schedule change method.

Students may attend any age-appropriate class within one month of an absence, but make-up classes are scheduled only one at a time. Because of our recital schedule, there are no make-ups permitted after April 1 for students who are enrolled in the full year program. It would be confusing (and unproductive) for your child and the other students to have a 'drop in' for a class preparing a choreographed recital piece.

Below are the important points to remember:

  • No refunds will be offered for missed or unattended classes.
  • All make-up classes must be scheduled in advance
  • Make-up classes are limited in number and must be scheduled in the current session
  • If you schedule a make-up and need to cancel, you must provide us with 24 hours notice
  • Make-ups are available only until April 1 for full-year students due to recital preparation