Customer Feedback

Sure, we can tell you all about our program — we're certainly proud of our highly trained and dedicated teachers. We could talk about the benefits of dance and how Tiny Dancers offers the best dance education available. We might even mention that we've been voted 'Best Dance Studio' seven times by readers of Family Magazine, named 'Best of NoVa' in Northern Virginia Magazine and 'Best of Virginia' by Virginia Living Magazine. We've been featured on 'Good Morning Washington', mentioned in the Washington Post, Gainesville Times, Bull Run Observer, Alexandria Packet-Gazette and Fairfax Connection, but the words that matter most are those of our customers.

"Tiny Dancers is a treasure! Lots of "omg sooooo cute!" moments. Teachers are patient and the kids just adore them. A+!"  -- Betette J.

"Oh Tiny Dancers, we miss you, oh how we miss you! Greetings from Hoboken. Not sure if you remember my daughter Madison, she attended Tiny Dancers for 2 years. I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for giving her such wonderful memories and skills. She still continues to do ballet, having passed the audition to New York Theatre Ballet and attended classes there this summer. Now that my youngest (Olivia) wants to follow her big sisters foot steps, I have had a really hard time finding school like yours -- you have set the bar high! After trial classes in 5 different schools, no one has a program even remotely similar to yours nor is able to captivate the attention of a 3 year old as amazingly as you have done. I wish we were still in NoVa. Any chance you are opening a studio in NYC or NJ? LOL. I am really happy to see that you continue to do well and help the little once experience and fall in love with dance in such a wonderful way. Thank you for all the hard work!" -- Magda G.

"Tiny Dancers has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. The instructors interact so well with the students. The costumes and story time add a special magic that makes my daughter (and me) look forward to every class. We've been involved in other dance studios and Tiny Dancers is definitely for us!" -- Karen K

"Birthday party experience was easy and fun. Kids had a blast and the other parents loved it too. Instructors were fabulous. " -- Bethany D.

"My 2yo daughter absolutely loves this class. She wakes up every morning and asks if she is going to ballet. The class is wonderful."  -- Sarah G.

"It is my daughter's third year at Tiny Dancers. She loves going to ballet. All of the instructors are great and the whole program is very well organized." -- Amy R.

"My daughter loves her class and asks to go every day!" -- Samantha P.

"Loved the teachers and story time" -- Beth I.

"My daughter loves Miss Emy and looks forward to class each week." -- Laurel M.

"We Love Tiny Dancers! They are excellent with the kids and the kids have a great time. I highly recommend them. The recitals are really great too!" -- Ann C.

"Second summer program for our granddaughter and this time our grandson joined the group. You have become an exciting tradition for our family." -- Suzanne K.

"Ms. Karly at the Alexandria location is excellent. She's so patient with the young kids and made the experience so positive for them." -- Jacob K.

"My daughter lloovvess it!!" -- Monica B.

"We love Tiny Dancers because our three year old daughter loves it. She asks about dance class all week long between lessons." -- Kara D.

"Our daughter has loved learning ballet in the Wiggletoes classes! Her teacher is kind and patient while keeping the class fun and full of energy." -- Rebecca Z.

"Love this studio! We have gone here for two years - the teachers are excellent and they work so well with all ages. Highly recommend." -- Sarah S.

“The most adorable mommy and me class I've ever done, my daughter and I have loved the Wiggletoes class this year. Not only is she having fun, she's learning a lot too.” -- Michael B.

"My daughter has taken ballet classes for over a year and we have loved every session and every interaction with her teacher. I highly recommend it!" -- Anissa N.

"We love Tiny Dancers. Ms Jessica is wonderful!! My daughter looks forward to class every week. It is special Daddy and Daughter time and my husband even likes to go!! We will for sure continue for a long time." -- Melissa R.

"This is our first season at the studio, and our two year old just adores it!" -- Meredith T.

"Tiny Dancers goes above and beyond the average dance studio. It incorporates two of our most favorite things...dancing and reading! The classes teach dance concepts and then introduce a thoughtfully chosen story. Costumes are used to enhance the story and the whole experience is magical. We look forward to class each and every week!" -- Kristin K.

"My little ballerina loves Wiggletoes and looks forward to it every week! She can't wait to see Miss Jessica and find out what new story they get to read and dress up like. She even comes home and practices all the new dance positions she has learned. We are glad we found this fun class!" -- Erin L.

"Adorable studio and wonderful environment for my daughter to
learn and have fun!" -- Danielle L.

"Vivian had an outstanding experience at tap camp this past summer! I wish we could fit dance into our schedule - we would be there for sure!" -- Kate B.

"Tiny Dancers is perfect for very young dancers! The small group classes are wonderful for the young ages. Great dancing instructions, great books and wonderful dress-up costumes! It's worth every penny!" -- Erin T.

"Our daughter loves going to Tiny Dancers Wiggletoes. It has helped provide some sort of structure, and having her go to a class to learn and receive instruction from an adult other than her parents / immediate caregivers has been very beneficial. " -- Carissa N.

"My daughter had a great time at Tiny Dancers. Her instructor was friendly and engaging and kept all the kids' attention. She felt like like a real ballerina and still loves practicing all the moves she learned." -- Catherine B.

"Tiny dancers the place where kids can come and enjoy in a developmentally appropriate dance program through literacy and fun." -- Jennifer Z.

"Tiny Dancers is a little on the pricey side, but well worth the money. Our daughter is in love with dancing, the class, and her instructor. I would recommend it to any parent of a child who loves dance." -- Justine R.

"My daughter was hesitant to go to ballet camp on our first day. She had taken ballet before but never from Tiny Dancers. As soon as we walked through the door she was excited to participate. Each afternoon when class was done she would beg to go back!" -- Lindsey M.

"Great dancing program and my daughter loves going to classes every week!" -- Grace G.

"Tiny Dancer's is great! It was a wonderful experience for me and my two year old daughter. They also have great tutus! " -- Leigh P.

"My daughter went to a one week ballet camp this summer and had a fabulous time! The costumes, the crafts mixed in with learning technique was just what we were looking for: fun with technical learning!" -- Heather R.

"My daughter absolutely loves coming to her dance class! Ms. Jess is fantastic with the kids. I highly recommend Tiny Dancers." -- Andrea M.

"Lovely class format, balance between fun and learning steps!! " -- Christine C.

"A wonderful non-competitive program that instills the love of dance and movement in innovative ways. " -- Angela W.

"My daughter just finished her second Wiggletoes class, I liked Miss Dana's approach to the girls, she is always attentive and patience with them, so Natalia is ready to take another class with her. In another note the a Mosaic studio is really neat and nice." -- Andrea S.

“Always love the stories and dress up. My 3yo has loved Tiny Dancers since Wiggletoes! I have been so happy with the programming at Tiny Dancers. They learn a lot in a fun way that caters to a young child.” -- Caroline C.

"I am in awe of your teachers' capacity to make it fun for everyone, which is no small task with a group of 3 and 4 year old individual little personalities. Also, I'm sure you all already are aware of this, but every teacher my daughter has been with has been exceptional. RubyLynn likes to practice at home because she just loves to dance, but she also reminds me that "Ms. Teresa said we have to ballet." You've got a very, very good thing going there. Thank you." - Tracy J.

"Thank you for giving us the most joyous and idyllic celebration we could imagine. Our children and friends had an fantastical experience at Tiny Dancers, and we share these photos for you to enjoy. There are ten very peaceful children asleep with visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads. With deepest gratitude" -- Lauren L.

"We've been at Tiny dancers for almost 5 years and have loved every minute of it! Thank you!" -- Erika S.

"I wanted to thank Miss Hope for being such a great, dynamic, caring, and loving teacher to Kadyn and the other kids in the 7 PM Wed class. She loves going to ballet every week and they were just as cute as can be during the recital. Having a little dance background myself, it's so important to me that Kadyn gets to experience dance. The environment at Tiny Dancers is so great for toddlers - you really know that age group and have found a way to make class not seem like class! So thanks for that and we hope we can find a class with you in the fall." -- Soma K

"Thank you so much for having this program. We absolutely adore it!!!" -- Mindy S.

"Thanks again SO much for a wonderful dance experience for Sophia. She loved it. And we loved the performance today". -- June T.

"I just wanted to thank you all for all of your organization, help and patience yesterday while the girls were getting their pictures taken. You went above and beyond in trying to get the girls as ready as could be in their costumes, doing things that I, as a parent, had forgotten to do, or just did not do to make them look their best. You all are wonderful and it has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you again."-- Suzanne W.

"My daughter has a condition which required a little additional time to learn the dance moves. Once I explained this to Miss Krissie, she embraced my daughter's learning style and my daughter blossomed! Miss Krissie was polite, professional and above all, flexible with her teaching style and it paid off with a fabulous recital! Thank you!" -- Angela

"Our family wanted to thank Ms. Karly for everything she has done for our little girl. Her bright smile and positive attitude reflects off all the little ones when they are finished with a class. She has opened up a whole new world for our daughter and we plan on enrolling her in two classes this Fall. THANK YOU TINY DANCERS! :)" -- Ashley P.

"Miss Beth is a doll. She is the perfect mix of child-friendly nurturer and professional dance instructor. My daughter greatly enjoyed her classes." -- Stephanie B.

"Thank you so much for the awesome birthday party for Kaitlyn! It was more than I expected with all that was included... the dancing, painting their nails, the dress-up costumes were incredible, the music was so fitting to her style/personality, and the father-daughter dance was something that we, as parents, will always remember. She really enjoyed having that special dance with her dad, in front of all her friends. Thanks again for a job well done... a dance party is exactly what she wanted for her 5-year birthday!" -- Wanda A.

"Truly enjoyable. Each class is like a fantasyland. My daughter loves listening to the story and then wearing the darling costumes. I like the combination of fantasy with learning and listening. Your studio is incredibly organized and makes it fun for the children. So happy to have you here in Alexandria." -- Lauren A.

"Just wanted you to know -- we are so pleased with our teacher, Ms. Theresa. She is sweet and warm and finds the perfect balance between giving direction and allowing the children to express themselves. She is unfailingly enthusiastic and encouraging and because she seems to be having so much fun it's easy for us to also. My daughter always remembers the day we have class and is so excited to go." -- Deedra E.

"I do not have enough words to tell you how wonderful Ms. Beth with the little ones. I enjoyed the program alot and I truly believe that for 3 or 4 years old to have a sweet and smart teacher make a difference. We love Tiny Dancers." -- Elizabeth H.

"We love Miss Krissie. The kids really respond to her energy and enthusiasm!" -- Karen S.

"Tiny Dancers has been such a wonderful influence on Natalie's confidence. Thanks to all of the wonderful teachers." -- Wendy M.

"My husband actually got misty when he saw our daughter on stage for the recital. His little baby growing up before his eyes. You do such an amazing job with the children all year long. And to see them perform on the big stage; with the beautiful costumes and sets, etc. It was breathtaking. Thank you so much for all you give to make each ballerina feel so special"-- Marta G .

"Thank you for all you have done for the children". -- Bryan W.

"Another great year!! Thank you for all you do. The blood, sweat and tears we never see ... we just have fun." -- Megan W.

“I am amazed at how much my 2 year old is learning and enjoying dance at Tiny Dancers. She loves story time and dress up and always tells me how much fun it is to 'dance with Miss Donna'. She dances at home and actually recognizes some terminology already. The best part for me is the way her face lights up when its time for dance. The environment at Tiny Dancers is relaxed, fun and welcoming, but there is also some serious learning and confidence building going on! I can hardly wait to sign up my younger daughter too.” -- Elizabeth R.

"My favorite thing about Tiny Dancers is how much my girls are learning and retaining. Sammie (age four) and Josie (age three) share with my husband and me what they are learning in class and can even tull us what some of the moves are called! Ms Krissie and her bouncy personality is just perfect for those active three year olds. Josie always looks forward to seeing her every week. Ms. Beth has a fun, yet calming way about her. She is able to get those four year olds excited, but also focused on ballet. Sammie always tells me how much fun ballet is and how much she likes her teacher. Tiny Dancers has been a magical experience for Sammie and Josie. Their faces light up each time the come to show off their costumes to me in the waiting room. I can see ther self-esteem and self-respect soar!! Thank you." -- Lori M.

“Tiny Dancers enriches my preschooler through dance AND early literacy. During each class, dancers are read a short story and dress up like the main character. Then, through dance, interpret the main points of the story. When our daughter walked out of a Tiny Dancers class, she showed us her new dance moves and could retell the story at a very young age. Preschoolers not only grow with a love of dance but a love of early literacy skills too.” -- Jennifer Zickel MA, Former Elementary School Curriculum Specialist

"My daughter loves her teacher, who seems very nurturing and sensitive to little girls. She loves Tiny Dancers! We look forward to her birthday party! -- Elizabeth M.

"It's my great pleasure to be the mom of two dancer-daughters who learned to love dance and the joy of moving to the beat at Tiny Dancers. We tried several other dance schools, but like Goldilocks, we discovered this place was neither too hard, nor too soft, but 'just right'. Tiny Dancers offers a unique combination - the family feeling that characterizes the business end of things, the professionalism of the instructors, and most of all, the sense of joy and wonder that everyone at Tiny Dancers brings to the place." -- Mimi H.

"Thank you all for a wonderful recital this year! It’s a lot of work, and you do a wonderful job!" -- Carey B.

"We've loved being at Tiny Dancers and were very sad to leave. If we ever return to the area, we'll definitely re-enroll. Your studios are top notch and Miss Carolyn is a model teacher. Thank you."  -- Heather D.

"We've been with Tiny Dancers for three years now. We love it. My daughter is always excited to come to class. During this time, we've had three different teachers and all of them have been great." -- Angela K

"Thanks! I look forward to enrolling Francesca again this year! She loved your studio last year. Enjoy the rest of the summer." -- Gina C.

"Thank you for a year full of learning and fun. Lauren always looked forward to your class and I've enjoyed watching her grow. You do so much for your class and studio. Your hard work is noticed and appreciated." -- Kristen J.

"Just wanted to write and say that while we have only had 2 classes, I am already quite impressed with the dance classes and Miss Donna--the kids really seem to enjoy it. I am so glad the city offers this and the Houston location is great--2 moms are working out with me! We look forward to more dancing and exercising. Thanks!" -- Nancy

"After the first class, my daughter did not want want to take her leotard and tights off. She said "I want to be a ballerina forever!" -- Jeanmarie C

"Thanks again for all your hard work! We were amazed!" -- Jennifer & Matt.

"I had to write to tell you how wonderful Tiny Dancers' summer camp program was for my daughter. The activities were perfect for three year olds and my daughter couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had. She definitely wants to continue in the fall. Thanks so much." -- Cindy S.

"We have been so impressed by the quality and fun of Tiny Dancers. Paige had an excellent year and always looked forward to Mondays with Miss Krissie.

"Our neighbors led us to Tiny Dancers. They've since moved to Wisconsin and found what they thought would be a program similar to yours, but were so disappointed with the classes compared with Tiny Dancers that Stephanie stopped going. The school didn't use the proper ballet terms for the positions and movements and there was no story or costumes - can't blame Stephanie for being disappointed!" -- Mary B.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Wizard of Oz production and the class photos were great. Paige is already looking forward to September. Many Thanks" -- Debbie & Craig C.

"Tiny Dancers has been the vehicle to get my daughter to get over her separation anxiety and open up to new experiences." -- Carolyn M.

"Just a quick note to let you know how much WE LOVE TINY DANCERS!!!  Miss Theresa is the best and so wonderful with the girls!" -- Robyn W.

"I love the fact that my three year old finds the classes so fun, and yet also learns actual ballet techniques and terminlogy. I plan to re-enroll her in the fall, and she cannot wait to go back. She talks about it almost every day. -- Marina S.

"I just wanted to say that my daughter loved Miss Portia's Hip Hop dance class this year. She's a fantastic teacher and I would recommend her to anyone interested in having their child take dance class. She has been wonderful with the girls and ran a great class in which they all seemed to really have a lot of fun. The girls were confidant and happy as they preformed their dance and that is really what we want for our daughters. Thank you for a wonderful year, see you in the fall." -- Lynn D.

"My daughter started in the 'Mom & Me' class and is now in the 3-4 class and has loved every minute. We both love the stories and dressing up as a way to learn more about dance. We hope to continue for years to come." -- Kara G.

"Melanie and the rest of the girls are really enjoing Ms. Portia's hip hop class on Tues nights (7-8 PM). She's a great teacher and the girls are having so much fun. I especially appreciate how she makes sure the girls show respect for each other... I'm very pleased! -- Lynda S.

"We have been so thrilled, especially with Miss Theresa - she is so good at keeping the girls on task (and sometimes that can be a real challenge). So in my book, you all are top notch." -- Keli C.

"As ever, thank you so much for your kindness and interest that you've shown Jamie, not only this summer, but over the past couple of years since we've been coming to your studio. Please know that your caring and efforts leave a deep impression on your students, certainly on Jamie. Plus, we have lots of fun." -- Shari F.